Three restaurants in Tel Aviv

Anne Christine Persson, Tuesday 9 February 2016

There are lots of great restaurants in Tel Aviv and Israeli and Jewish food are in my opinion some of the best in this world. Unpretentious, mouth-watering food with a focus on locally grown vegetables cooked in various delicious ways. A meal normally consists of many smaller dishes to be shared with friends, family, or just yourself if you are travelling on your own or just really hungry… Be sure to also read my travel guide to Tel Aviv I did for Elle Denmark here.

1. Port Said

Located right across from the great synagogue of Tel Aviv is the restaurant/bar Port Said. The atmosphere is great and the crowd is fun, there is never a dull evening. Everything on the menu is delicious, so try something new when ordering. I had the privilege of dining with a local, who ordered a lot of different dishes for us to share. They do not take reservations, so you will have to wait for a table, but the restaurant is open late, so start with a drink, perhaps the local Arak with grapefruit juice. Har Sinai St 5

Port Said 2

2. Suzanna

Under a giant ficus tree in the middle of one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek, is one of the city’s most charming eateries. The restaurant Suzanna is close to the beach, so when you find the Middle Eastern sun too scorching, find shade under the tree and dive into the scrumptious menu featuring Mediterranean favourites. I loved the meatballs in yoghurt and cauliflower. Shabazi St 9


3. Santa Katarina

Just on the other side of the great synagogue and around the corner from Port Said is the restaurant Santa Katarina, which is a delicious fusion of the Italian and Israeli kitchens. The fish cakes are so tasty that we ordered seconds before the first dish was devoured. Har Sinai St 2




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